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How do I request to see my UPS Account Based Rates (Negotiated or contract rates) in WorldShip?

Once your account has been approved for Negotiated Rates, you must request rates via the message or by highlighting the appropriate account number in Shipper Editor and then by selecting the Request Rates button. 
If you previously authenticated your account while commissioning, you will not have to authenticate your account again to see your negotiated/contract rates. Otherwise, you will be directed to the Pre-Authorization page where you may need your latest invoice details to authenticate. This process could take up to 48 hours for your contract rates to be downloaded if you have never requested contract rates. 
If you have requested contract rates previously, go to Tools, Shipper Editor, highlight the shipper number requesting rates, select the Modify button, then on the Rating tab change your primary and secondary rating preferences to Published. Any shipments processed during this timeframe will still be invoiced at your contracted rates.
Once your rates have been successfully downloaded, go back into the Shipper Editor to change your Rating Preferences to Negotiated to view your contract rates while shipping.