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How do I load labels into the Thermal Label printer?

    1. Open the printer cover by clicking the adjacent blue guides (tabs) forward with both hands.
    2. With the cover open, select the guides at the sides of the printer.
    3. Slide the left guide to the left and the right guide to the right.
    4. Adjust the holders to the preferred width and size of the label roll. Note that label rolls come in 1.0 inch (2.5CM) or 1.5 inch (3.8cm).
    5. Tear the first length of labels off the roll, and roll the label so that it opens upward. Avoid dragging adhesive or dirty labels between the print head and platen, which may damage these parts and is not covered in the printer warranty.
    6. Place the label roll into the printer with the labels flowing forward and loading from under the roll.
    7. Press the label guide to bring the labels forward to just over the printer head, and then close the guides to the width of the medial. Some printer models come with an optional Label-Taken Sensor and Dispenser Bar. These features make it easier to load and adjust the label roll.
    8. Close the printer cover.
    9. Press the Feed button to bring the label roll forward to a preferred length and placement of the print head.
    10. Turn the printer power on.