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What do I do if I cannot send data to UPS using WorldShip?

  • Temporary Communications Problems
    Several things can happen when communications do not go through. In most cases, WorldShip tries to reestablish communications the next time you complete End of Day processing or when you next start WorldShip. Once communications are reestablished, WorldShip transmits all pending shipment information, and you can continue processing as usual.

    Problems with UPS Communications
    Each time you complete End of Day processing, WorldShip creates a uniquely dated shipment group in the UPS Pickups list of the Pickup Log window. If your UPS Pickups list shows three uniquely-dated shipment groups that have not been successfully transmitted to UPS (Data Not Sent), you cannot process any more shipments until you correct the problem. Try to retransmit your shipment information to UPS. If the problem persists, call 888-553-1118 immediately to alert the UPS Help Desk.

    Problems at Your Location
    There are two types of these problems:

    Equipment problems. If your equipment cannot make the telephone connection, call your local telephone company. 
    Canceled or otherwise interrupted End of Day processing. You may be unable to transmit data if you repeatedly cancel communications. To remedy this situation, allow communications (such as End of Day processing) to proceed without interruption until completed.

    In either case (equipment problems or canceled communications), you can only process three business days' worth of shipments without successfully transmitting the shipment information to UPS. On the second day, WorldShip displays a message alerting you to send your shipment data. If you are unable to correct this problem by the third day, WorldShip does not allow you to process more shipments until that data is successfully sent.