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How do I complete the End of Day process?

  • For step by step instructions, go to Help Using WorldShip:

    1. Select the End of Day button on the Home tab. The End of Day Processing window will prompt, "Are you ready to close today's shipping and send shipment information to UPS?"

      Note: If you are using Future Date Processing, WorldShip will perform an End of Day process on the currently active pickup.

    2. Select Yes to electronically send your shipment information to UPS and to print the End of Day reports.

    Give your UPS driver the Pickup Summary Barcode Report and High Value Report (if printed) to take with the shipments.

    Keep the Daily Shipment Detail Report for your records (if you selected to print this report on the Shipment Detail Report Setup tab of the System Preferences Editor window).

    To verify that your WorldShip End of Day transmission was successful:

    1. Select the History button on the Home tab.
    2. Select the date and time entry and verify that the status bar shows Data Sent at the bottom of the screen.
    3. If the report shows Data Not Sent, go to the Support tab and select Resend Data.