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How do I process a package or shipment using WorldShip?

Review our documentation for step-by-step instructions on processing a shipment.

View Processing Documentation

There are many possible options for processing shipments. Once you are familiar with WorldShip®, you may complete the steps in a different order. 

To process a shipment:

  1. Select a Shipper and a Profile.
  2. Enter the Ship To address information.
  3. Enter the Ship From address information.
  4. Specify the shipment-level details, such as:

    • A UPS service, package type, and billing option.
    • Shipment-level options.
    • Shipment reference numbers.
    • Special instructions for the shipment.
  5. Specify the details about the package, such as:

    • The package weight if the package is not a UPS Letter service (Next Day or Worldwide Express).
    • Package-level options.
    • The size of the package if needed and any merchandise descriptions.
    • Package reference numbers.
  6. Add packages as needed by selecting the Add button on the Shipment Navigation Bar and repeat step 5 for each additional package.
  7. For an international shipment, record the export document and goods details on the Customs Documentation tab.
  8. When you are finished, select the Process Shipment button.