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How do I schedule a ground freight pickup using WorldShip?

  • To schedule a pickup:

    1. On the Shipping window, complete the Ship To information, Shipment section, and Commodity section.
    2. Select the Process Shipment button. The Ground Freight Pickup Request window displays.
    3. The Pickup Location displays the Ship From address.
    4. Enter any additional instructions for your shipment.
    5. Enter the Pickup Date, Pickup Ready Time, and Pickup Location Closing time. Otherwise, the information is defaulted to the current time and date.
    6. Enter any Requestor information.
    7. Enter the number of handling units.
    8. Select the OK button.

    To schedule a pickup from shipment history:

    • In the Shipment History window, go to the Home tab, select Freight Pickup, and then select Freight Pickup List.
    • Select the PRO Number of the shipment to be scheduled for pickup (up to 25 ground freight shipments can be scheduled for the same pickup).
    • Select Schedule Pickup to bring up the Ground Freight Pickup Request window.
    • Enter the Date/Time information required for the Pickup.
    • Enter information for the Third Party (if necessary) and Additional Instructions as required.
    • Select the OK button.