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How do I create a profile in WorldShip for my freight shipments?

  • On the Tools tab, select the Creat/Edit Profile button.

    • Select a Freight service from the UPS Service box.
    • Type a unique name, up to 35 alphanumeric characters, in the Profile Name box.
    • Select the Residential check box if the packages sent are to be delivered to a residential location in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada.
    • Select the down arrow in the Ship From Country/Territory box and select a Ship From country or territory for the profile.
    • Select the down arrow in the UPS Service box and select the freight service for the profile. Depending on the Ship To country, your choice appears as the default in the UPS Service box on the Service tab in the Shipping window.

    On the right side of the Profile Editor window:

    • Select the preferred values for: All the fields shown on the Service, Options, Detail, and Reference tabs.

    Note: No fields are required for a profile. The fields in blue are required only when the profile is used for shipping.