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How do I save a Freight Shipment as a Draft in WorldShip?

  • If you have not completed your shipment, you can save it as a draft:

    1. In the Shipping window, select the Save button. It is located above the Process button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    2. A message informs you that the shipment was saved in Shipment History as a Draft.
    3. Select the OK button. The draft shipment displays in the Shipping window in the Freight list under "Draft" with the date when it was saved.

    Note: If you created a Packing List for the draft shipment, it will not be saved with the draft shipment.

    When you are ready to continue work on the draft shipment:

    1. In the Shipping History window, go to the Draft list and select the Draft Shipment.
    2. On the Home tab in the Shipment History window, select the Edit/Reconcile button. Choose Yes to edit the shipment.
    3. Continue processing the shipment.