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How do I edit a deferred shipment in WorldShip?

  • Deferred shipments are shipments that have not been completed or assigned tracking numbers. Deferred shipments remain in the Deferred Shipments list under UPS Pickups in the Shipment History window until you complete the shipments.

    To edit or complete a deferred shipment:

    1. Under UPS Pickups in the Shipment History window, select the plus symbol (+) next to Deferred Shipments to display its contents.
    2. Select the deferred shipment you want to complete (that is, look for shipments without tracking numbers).
    3. Select the Edit/Reconcile Shipment button on the Home tab. UPS WorldShip displays the first package of the deferred shipment in the Shipping window.
    4. Edit the shipment information.
    5. If the shipment is complete, select the Process Shipment button.