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How do I set defaults / profiles in WorldShip for common shipping tasks?

  • A profile is a saved collection of predefined preferences, including various service options, package options, shipment options, and reference numbers. Use the Profile Editor to add, delete, and modify profiles. The Profile Editor can be accessed from the Tools tab by selecting the Create/Edit Profile button.

    If you do not assign a profile to a shipper, WorldShip® assigns the UPS Profile.  The UPS Profile is a default profile packaged with the application that is assigned to a shipper or customer if one is not assigned. Using the Profile Editor, you can view this profile, but you cannot delete or modify it. 

    After you create a profile, you can:

    • Select a particular profile from the Profile box in the Shipping window.
    • Use the Profile Editor or the Shipper Editor to assign a particular profile to a shipper.
    • Use the Address Book Editor to assign a particular profile to a customer.
    • Use a Custom Label by assigning it to a profile.