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What is a UPS InfoNotice?

  • If your driver is unable to deliver your package, you'll receive a UPS InfoNotice®. The UPS InfoNotice lists important information, such as when we will make another attempt to deliver or if someone must be available to sign for the package. And, in some cases, your package will be delivered to a UPS Access Point™ location near you, allowing you to pick it up at a time that is convenient for you.

    Your UPS InfoNotice provides you with lots of information. You can use the UPS InfoNotice number to track your shipment, reschedule the delivery date, arrange to pick up your shipment at a UPS Customer Center, have your shipment delivered to a different address, or return the shipment to the sender. Simply select the Track Your Shipment link below then enter your UPS InfoNotice number and follow the instructions. For additional information, select the How to Read Your UPS InfoNotice link below.