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How do I use an electronic scale for the shipments I process online?

If you have a UPS-approved scale, you can connect your scale to a laptop or desktop computer to expedite the shipping process. You will need to set your shipping preferences to activate the scale.

Set My Preferences Now

To set your preference in UPS CampusShip:

  1. Log into UPS CampusShip
  2. Select Shipping Preferences in the left navigation
  3. Select View/Edit to expand the Shipping Options
  4. Select the Use My USB Scale checkbox
  5. Select Update.

Once you have set your preference to accept a scale, return to the Create a Shipment page and authorize the installation of a downloaded component. Note: If you are in UPS CampusShip, you will automatically be returned to Create a Shipment. Upon completion, the package weight will appear in the Weight field. Select the Weigh It button to capture the current scale reading.

If you have multiple packages to ship and with individual package informationy, choose this option and select Next then enter information for each package. Then select the Weigh It button next to each Weight field to enter each package's weight.

Using the USB-Connected Weight Scale with Chrome (versions 45 and above) and Certain Other Browsers

If you receive a message stating your browser does not support this function, try the following alternative method:

Windows Users: Run the installer, which will place the UPS Weight Scale App in the Startup folder so that it will run automatically each time you start your machine.

Install the UPS Weight Scale App (Windows)Open the link in a new window

Mac or Linux Users:

Using the link below, download the zip file, navigate to the location where you downloaded it, and extract it on your machine. In a command window, navigate to the location where you extracted the zip file and run the script file (.bat on Windows or .sh on Linux/Mac). You must restart the application whenever you restart your machine and want to use your thermal printer on

Download FileOpen the link in a new window