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Downloading Files from Quantum View Data

  • Downloading Files from Quantum View Data

    The table on the file download page displays your Quantum View Data files. You can display files by subscription name, type of service, or date range. You can also sort the table to view unread, read, or all files. Files can be downloaded for up to seven days after they are posted. After seven days, files can no longer be accessed. You should download your updates daily.

    How To Select Files for Download

    1. Select the subscription for which you would like to download files from the Download drop-down list.
    2. Select the type of files you want to download. Options are:
      • Unread Files - files not previously downloaded
      • Read Files - files previously downloaded
      • All Files
    3. Select a date range from the Date Range drop-down list. Options are:
      • Last 1 Day
      • Last 2 Days
      • Last 3 Days
      • Last 4 Days
      • Last 5 Days
      • Last 6 Days
      • Last 7 Days
    4. Select Show individual files to show a list of each file and file size matching your selection criteria. Files are listed in groups of 10 per page. When individual files are displayed, you can add or remove check marks next to each file you wish to download. 
    5. Select See file size and estimated download time to see the estimated file size and approximate download time for the selected files based on a 56k modem connection. There is no limit to the size of a requested download. You should expect download times to increase with the size of the downloaded files.


    Files listed as ready for download are named based on the date and time they were created. The format is as follows:

    • mmddyyyy-hhmmss###.txt
    • mm = month
    • dd = day of the month
    • yyyy = the four digit year
    • hh = hour
    • mm = minute
    • ss = second
    • ### = File segment identifier (used to locate and describe the data)