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What service options are available with Quantum View Data - Outbound?

  • When you subscribe to Quantum View Data - Outbound, you can choose from these three service options

    Outbound Notification

    • Provides complete information about outbound packages
    • Includes significant supply chain status updates through delivery with ship date, exception, and delivery detail
    • Allows you to add data elements for a complete manifest

    Delivery Notification

    • Provides delivery details and manifest information, including ship date, date and time of delivery, reference number, full delivery address, COD amount collected, and other valuable delivery information
    • Allows you to add origin information and complete manifest data elements
    • Does not include the signature image or exception updates

    Exception Notification

    • Provides information about packages that will not make the scheduled delivery date
    • Provides exception status and re-scheduled date of delivery
    • Provides a limited amount of manifest information