Package Protection

How Do I Protect My Package?

Declared Value

UPS is liable for loss or damage, at no extra cost, for up to $100.00 for each domestic package, international shipment, or pallet in a UPS Worldwide Express Freight® shipment, where there is no declared value. If the value of your goods exceeds this amount, you can declare up to $50,000 per package or $100,000 per pallet (subject to terms and conditions) by entering the declared value when you create a shipment on and paying an additional charge. Certain domestic packages are eligible for the enhanced maximum declared value of $70,000, subject to restrictions set forth in the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. Please note that these amounts are in U.S. dollars. When a shipper declares a value in excess of $100, it does not receive any form of insurance.

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Insurance coverage for in-transit goods is available through UPS’s licensed affiliate UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. The supply chain insurance professionals at UPS Capital® can work with you to customize an affordable policy based on what you ship and how you ship your goods.

Ready to ship and insure today? Check out InsureShield™ OnDemand, offering transactional coverage for single shipments. With a few minutes and a credit card, you can select coverage at the time of shipping. Insure a single package or a pallet – it’s your choice.

Or, leverage InsureShield™ InstaQuote to receive an online quote to cover all your shipments. The guided process helps determine insurance coverage that best fits your needs.

With InsureShield™ shipping insurance, your business can be made whole faster--most claims are paid in just a few days—so you can take care of your customer. Other benefits include:

  • Hassle-free claims processing and quick claims payments up to the invoice value of your goods
  • Responsiveness to provide premium post-purchase experience in the wake of a damage or loss
  • Flexibility to determine what you want to cover and how you want to report your covered shipments

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