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What are the IT requirements needed/recommended for integrating UPS OnLine Tools?

  • To integrate these tools into your e-commerce application(s), it is recommended that the developer have intermediate IT skills and be able to develop custom code that adapts your application's business logic and data to UPS OnLine Tools. You can use any programming language that supports HTTP communication across Internet socket and secure connections, such as Java, Visual Basic, or C++. Other requirements include the ability to:

    1. Know how to program URL or socket connections. Which method you choose will depend on your application platform and programming language.
    2. Obtain, or write, a secure socket implementation that supports the SSL standard for secure communications. UPS OnLine Tools requires secure HTTP (HTTPS). This data security is required for the protection of both the client application and UPS; sensitive (billing-related) data is being transferred back and forth across the public Internet.
    3. Encode and decode XML documents. To program XML documents, you'll probably want to use an XML parser, which provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for manipulating XML documents.
    4. Design a strategy into your software for handling errors. Consider that there are three types of errors: hard errors, transient errors, and warnings. For a smoothly running application you must decide how you handle each type of error.
    5. Establish a connection to the Internet from the computer that runs your e-commerce application.