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What if I am using a Software Compression Modem with my UPS hardware?

  • A few modem types keep "UPS Online Office" from working properly because they use software instead of hardware for error checking and data compression. Many Win Modems, for example, use this technique. These modems are usually internal 14.4 baud modems without the software needed to perform compression such as V.42 or V.32. They come in two types -- RPI and non-RPI.

    The UPS host system cannot currently communicate with modems using ECC (Error Correction) or Data Compression. Therefore, "UPS OnLine Office" does not support RPI modems or any other software compression modem.

    RPI (Rockwell Protocol Interface) modems use the Rockwell RPI chipset. The compression software is usually WinRPI. This software overrides the data compression or error correction strings. This means that WinRPI has to be deactivated.

    To check if you have an RPI modem, start program "terminal" (on Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, and Windows NT) or "hyperterminal" (on Windows 95). Then type ATI3 to identify your modem. If it is an RPI modem, you will see the chip number followed by Rockwell RPI or RPI+.

    Occasionally, it is possible to get a Rockwell modem to work with "Online Office." Try using the ATZ init string with either the Hayes compatible modem setting or with the Rockwell setting. This has been known to work in a few cases.