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How can I request an invoice adjustment or dispute a charge?

UPS offers several ways to request a shipping charge adjustment. Notification to UPS of a request for an invoice adjustment must be made in writing using one of the following methods: 

  • Submit a request through the UPS Billing Center at
    • Login to the UPS Billing Center
    • Select the Invoice Number for which an adjustment is needed.
    • Select Invoice Summary
    • Select Shipment/Charge Detail
    • Select Total Amount
  • Email the request for an invoice adjustment to UPS through; or
  • Mail UPS a written request to:

United Parcel Service
P.O. Box 7247-0244
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0001

The notification to UPS must include the date of shipment and tracking number for each disputed charge, as well as the reason for the disputed charge. A partial payment against an invoice is not considered a request for an invoice adjustment or notice to UPS of a disputed invoice. UPS reserves the right to refuse to issue any invoice adjustment until all outstanding charges owing to UPS have been paid in full.

Note: Be sure to provide all required information.