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How many types of UPS Freight pickup event notifications are there?

  • Event notifications fall into four categories for UPS Freight® pickups. However, there are different kinds of notifications that can be sent from within each group.

    The four event notification types are:

    Pickup Scheduled - Recipients are provided a confirmation of a pickup request for the shipment. If you request a pickup for a future date, you will receive a reminder on the morning of the scheduled pickup date. This confirmation can provide other shipment information, including pickup date changes and cancelations.

    Driver En Route - Triggered by the UPS Freight driver, this alert notifies recipients when the driver is en route to the pickup location.

    Exception  - Notification recipients are alerted when events occur that cause changes to the scheduled pickup date or time for your shipment. Notifications for this category include unsuccessful pickup attempts, pickup date changes, and cancelations.

    Picked Up - Recipients are notified when your shipment has been secured by UPS Freight.