Are The UPS Store locations a part of the Eco Responsible Packaging Program?

The UPS Store franchisees and their associates are packing professionals. We continually evaluate new sustainable packaging materials and currently strive to use the most environmentally-sound materials that still provide the necessary protection to get our customers' packages to their destination damage-free.

The UPS Store provides boxes that are fully recyclable, as well as a carbon neutral option which allows you to neutralize the climate impact of your packages. In addition, there’s the option to use kraft paper—a recyclable, compostable, unbleached and tear-resistant packaging option that’s perfect for filling empty space inside a light-to-medium weight package.

One of other sustainable packaging innovations that you can take advantage of at The UPS Store is inflatable cushioning, which allows you to eliminate polystyrene packing peanuts from your packages. Since bags of inflatable cushioning take less space on trucks than bubble wrap or packing peanuts—as the cushioning is shipped uninflated—it’s also good for your carbon footprint.

Give some of these sustainable packaging options a try and boost your green credentials. For help with sustainable packaging when you’re shipping, visit your nearest The UPS Store® location.