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Why do I need to contact an Administrator to continue to have access to invoices for an account I have already enrolled in the UPS Billing Center?

An invoice is only delivered to one UPS Billing Center company.  When a Consolidated Payment Plan (CPP) is enrolled in the UPS Billing Center, all accounts associated to that CPP are enrolled under that company for the plan type (Export or Import CPP).  Therefore, if you have enrolled an account that is associated to an Export CPP, and someone else enrolls the Export CPP in a new UPS Billing Center company, the Administrator for that new UPS Billing Center company will need to assign you access to the account in that new company.  When this happens, you will be notified via e-mail and provided with the e-mail address of the Administrator so that you can request continued access to the invoices for the account. 

If someone enrolls an Export CPP, you will need to contact the Administrator to request access to all future invoices containing domestic/export charges.  However, you will continue to have access to import invoices for the account under your original UPS Billing Center company.