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UPS Billing Center Reports Support

Standard Reports

There are six Standard Reports available in the UPS Billing Center:

  • Invoice Summary
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Reference Number Summary
  • Tracking Number Detail
  • Address Correction
  • Reference Number Approved/Unapproved

Data elements can be added and removed from reports to create custom reports. Also, invoice information can be downloaded in CSV format by selecting the Download Invoice Data button.

To view a report in the UPS Billing Center:

  1. Select Reporting tab
  2. Select Report
  3. Select Search criteria
  4. Select Submit button

Note: You can only create reports for accounts that reside in the same country as identified at the top of the page. If you would like to create reports for accounts that reside in another country, you first need to change the country on the UPS Billing Center Overview page.

Custom Reports

To create a custom report in the UPS Billing Center:

  1. Select Reporting tab
  2. Select Report
  3. Select Customize This Report
  4. Select Search criteria
  5. Add or remove the desired fields from/to the Current Display Fields
  6. Select Submit

Batch Reports

For reports with more than 1,000 records, a Batch Request must be used.

To create a Batch Request:

  1. Select a Standard or saved Customized Report
  2. Select the Batch Request tab, name the Batch Report, and select Create
  3. Select When My Batch Report Is Ready in the Administration/Profile section to receive a notification when your report is available

Batch Reports created from Standard Reports can be shared with other UPS Billing Center users.

Note: Batch Report requests will be processed within 24 hours. When the Batch Report is available, a download icon will appear in the Actions column of the Batch Reports screen. Select the X mark in the Actions column to delete the Batch Report.

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