How do I pay my invoices online?

When you open a payment account on, we automatically enroll you in the UPS Billing Center so you can view and pay bills online.

If you have an older account or an account not opened on, you must enroll those payment accounts separately.

Open a Payment Account

Enroll My Existing Account in the UPS Billing Center

Once you're enrolled, you can set up one-time or automatic payments, customize reports, and add other payment accounts for a more complete look at your UPS invoices.

Since the UPS Billing Center is an environmentally friendly alternative to paper bills, we’ll stop sending mailed copies of your invoices after:

  • Three billing cycles for domestic or export shipment invoices
  • 45 days for import or brokerage invoices

If a paper bill is needed after these timeframes, you can print a copy from the Invoice Summary page in the UPS Billing Center.

Or, if you decide you'd prefer paper invoices every time, cancel your enrollment on the Administration tab within the UPS Billing Center. You can always re-enroll in the same place if you change your mind.