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How do I set up Automatic Payments in the UPS Billing Center?

  • To set up Automatic Payments in the UPS Billing Center you will need to do the following:

    1. Login to the UPS Billing Center
    2. Select the Payment tab
    3. Select Automatic Payments
    4. Select Add Automatic Payments
    5. Select New
    6. Select the Account Number for the Automatic Payments
    7. Using the drop-down menu select the Payment Method
      • Additional Payment Account information can be
        entered by selecting the Payment Account link
    8. Select Next
    9. On the next screen provide the following information:
      • Pay Amounts
        • Total Amount Due
        • Total Amount With a Threshold
      • Payment Transfer Date
        • Days before due date
        • On day [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday] of week
      • Effective Period
        • Until Canceled
        • Until Date
    10. Select Submit
    11. Verify Automatic Payments Details
    12. Select New
    13. Confirm Automatic Payments Information

    Upon completion, the system displays a confirmation page informing you the Automatic Payments sign-up process was successfully completed.

    Note: In order to set up Automatic Payments you're required to review and accept the Automatic Payments Legal Agreement.