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What are my payment plan options?

  • Your payment plan depends on which billing and payment schedule you select and the size of your account. You can choose from these options:

    • Electronic Funds Transfer Plan (Debit EFT): UPS will electronically request debit payment from your bank account.
    • Prepayment Plan: You make a prepayment with UPS in an amount equal to four weeks' anticipated transportation and other charges as estimated by UPS. This prepayment shall remain on account with UPS.
    • Credit Extension Plan: By written agreement with UPS, you may elect to pay an annual credit extension fee and thereafter receive bills on a monthly basis with no prepayment requirement. The bill will be payable upon receipt.
    • Weekly Payment Plan: Each week we will mail you a bill for the previous week's transportation and other charges. The bill must be paid within seven days of receipt.


    Note: Payment for air freight shipments is due within 10 days of the invoice date and must be made by check or money order.