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Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping with UPS

UPS works throughout the year to provide the same reliable service and that means you can trust us to deliver year-round.

We’re committed to helping you navigate any of the busy holiday seasons so you can take full advantage of every available shipping day.

Planning ahead for holiday shipping seasons

Here are some tips for businesses that experience a surge in orders throughout the year.

  • Encourage your customers to shop early before a holiday. For example, you might consider making special offers to encourage early shopping.
  • Review your fulfillment operations to be sure you can efficiently manage a late spike in orders.
  • Ask your UPS representative about improvements you can make today for a more efficient and productive busier than normal shipping season.

UPS Days of Operation

Helpful tips for consumers and businesses

Whether you're shipping toys, gadgets or golf clubs – to your family or online customers – we can help you manage shipments so they arrive as expected.