Quick-Reference Guide for Avoiding Delays

How To Avoid Delays and Holds When Shipping with UPS

What are the three most common reasons international shipments are delayed or held?

  • They are prohibited by UPS
  • There is missing, incomplete, or incorrect documentation
  • They exceed country-specific weight and size limits


How can you avoid delays and holds? Before sending international shipments, you should always:

Verify your commodity is permitted

Verify that the commodity you are exporting or importing is permitted for shipping by UPS.

Verify for Export

Verify for Import

Understand Documentation

Learn why documentation is necessary for UPS to expedite your international shipment.

Understand Documentation

Create Accurate Documentation

Find out what export documentation is required for your shipments and how to properly complete each form.

Create Documentation

Determine Weight and Size Limitations

Find the specific weight and size limits for each country UPS serves.

Determine Weight and Size Limitations

Check Country Regulations

Learn the country-specific regulations and requirements affecting your shipment.

Find Country Regulations