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Shipping Tobacco

Shipments containing tobacco or tobacco products, as those terms are variously defined under applicable state law ("Tobacco Product Shipments"), are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are licensed and authorized to ship tobacco and tobacco products pursuant to applicable laws. UPS does not provide pick-up service from any person or entity included in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives PACT Act - Non-Compliant List. Tobacco Product Shipments shipped to a consumer will only be accepted for transportation as a contractual service. However, because UPS prohibits shipments of cigarettes to consumers under any circumstances, UPS does not offer a contractual service for the delivery of cigarettes to consumers. To receive service for Tobacco Product Shipments shipped to a consumer, the shipper must sign and agree to the provisions set forth in an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of tobacco products. For all other service for Tobacco Product Shipments, the receiver must be licensed and authorized to receive tobacco or tobacco products pursuant to all applicable federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulations, and the shipment must conform to the terms, conditions, restrictions, and prohibitions set forth at at the time of shipping. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that a shipment tendered to UPS, including a Tobacco Product Shipment, does not violate any federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulations applicable to the shipment.

UPS reserves the right to refuse to accept, transport, or deliver any Tobacco Product Shipment that UPS, in its sole and unlimited discretion, determines does not comply with UPS requirements for the shipment or any applicable law or regulation, and to discontinue any or all service to any shipper for, among other reasons, tendering such a shipment. UPS reserves the right to dispose of any Tobacco Product Shipment that shippers are prohibited from shipping, that UPS is not authorized to accept, that UPS states that it will not accept, or that UPS has a right to refuse.

State-Specific Restrictions and Prohibitions
Shipper shall not tender to UPS any Tobacco Product Shipment that does not conform to the following state-specific restrictions and prohibitions:


Restricted Items

UPS Restrictions


Tobacco products (including cigarettes and all products containing tobacco that are intended for human consumption or use).

UPS only accepts shipments of tobacco products to recipients in the State of Montana who are licensed tobacco wholesalers or tobacco retailers. Lists of licensees will be posted at the Montana Department of Revenue website.