Shipping Electronic Media Containing Sensitive Personal Information

Recommendations for Shipping Sensitive Information

UPS Express® Hard Pak - SecureWhen shipping certain electronic media containing sensitive personal information (such as personal, financial, or health information), we recommend that you do not use an envelope, letter packaging, Express Envelope, Express Pak, or Express Pad Pak. UPS provides special packaging, such as the UPS Express® Hard Pak - Secure, designed to help you ship sensitive electronic media. Contact 1-800-PICK-UPS® (1-800-742-5877) or your sales representative for more information.
Double BoxYou can also ship electronic media containing sensitive personal information by packaging it with a duplicate shipping label in an inner container that can be securely sealed. Place the inner container in a new outer corrugated box (double box). Seal all flaps securely. Prior to packaging, mark the electronic media with identifiable information, such as your company name, reference number, or your UPS shipping number. Additionally, you should retain a copy of the data and secure the data on the electronic media through encryption or other technological means.