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Shipper's Information

What you need to know about shipping Dangerous Goods

International Dangerous Goods Service Definition

The service definition for shipping dangerous goods.

Contract Shipping

Using contract shipping to ship dangerous goods.

UPS Carrier Variations and Regulatory Updates

A listing of accepted classes for shipping dangerous goods.

Shipment System Requirements

The shipment system requirements for shipping dangerous goods.

Approved Third-Party Software Vendors

A list of approved third-party vendors for shipping dangerous goods.

Approved Countries List

A list of approved countries for shipping dangerous goods to and from.

Biological Substances

Biological Substances may include human or animal excreta, secreta, blood and its components, tissue and tissue fluids, etc. being transported for diagnostic or investigational purposes.

Common Items that May Be Hazardous

Learn which terms and descriptions could indicate the presence of dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

UPS List of Operator Variations in IATA

UPS List of Operator Variations in IATA