UPS Standard Dangerous Goods Service between the U.S. and Canada

UPS transports dangerous goods via UPS Standard Service between the U.S. and Canada

Service Details

  • The accessorial charge differs from the domestic US hazardous materials surcharges (see applicable UPS rate chart for individual package or shipment pricing charges).
  • Hazardous materials shippers are eligible for this service via their existing U.S. hazardous materials / dangerous goods agreement.
  • Customers must use a UPS compliant shipping solution enabled with hazmat capabilities or in conjunction with hazardous materials shipment preparation software.
  • When presenting the 24-hour telephone number, shippers are limited to the use of numeric characters. The abbreviations EXT (for “extension”) and OPT (for “option”) are allowed after the numeric telephone number. The following special characters are also authorized: period “.”, dash “-”, plus sign “+” and standard parentheses “(“ and “)”. The phrase “24 Hour Number” already appears in the appropriate field on the UPS shipping paper. Use the ER Registrant field to provide additional information, such as contact names or account/contract numbers for third-party phone centers.
  • Column 7 in the 49 CFR UPS Chemical Table indicates those materials that may be transported in this service when prepared under 49 CFR regulations.
  • Limited Quantity shipments prepared under HM-215K must have the LQ diamond marking as well as 'Limited quantity' or 'Ltd qty' marked on the box to be in compliance with TDG requirements.
  • Limited Quantity shipments offered for UPS standard to Canada are not permitted to Canadian postal codes that begin with the letters “X” or “Y”.
  • When required, shippers must use a Crossborder Ground Dangerous Goods Shipping Paper to be in compliance with UPS and TDG regulatory requirements.  See sample Shipping Paper below.

Delivery Service is restricted in some areas of Canada. For additional information regarding this service, please contact the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center at 1-800-554-9964.

UPS Limited Service Area Tables

*Note: For postal codes that are restricted for all modes of transport, no Hazmat/DG, including but not limited to, Excepted Quantity, Limited Quantity, etc. are accepted to those areas.