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49 CFR Part 172.300, IATA Section 7

Marking requirements establish clear and accurate communication about the material in a package.

UPS Shipping Papers or Shipper's Declarations are not a substitute for required package markings.

Packages must be marked according to the requirements of 49 CFR or IATA. UPS requires that each package must be durably marked in English with the following minimum information without exception:

  • Proper shipping name and identification number 49 CFR 172.301(a) / IATA
  • Technical name, (if required) 49 CFR 172.301(b) / IATA
  • When non-specification packaging is authorized, the outer container must be a minimum 200 lbs. Burst Strength or 32 Edge Crush Test (ECT) certified box. The box must also be of sufficient strength to protect the contents while in transit
  • Shipper's name and address
  • Consignee's  name and address
  • Orientation markings for all liquids
  • Required markings must be located away from other markings (advertising for example) and unobstructed by other labels 49 CFR 172.304 / IATA 7.1.1

Hazardous materials classed and shipped as ORM-D materials must be marked as described in 172.316 according to the mode of transport selected.

Note: There are other special marking requirements for shipments of certain radioactive and poison materials. Refer to 49 CFR, IATA  and shipping examples for details. Ground ORM-D, Limited Quantity, and combustible materials shipments to or from Catalina Island, CA must be prepared for air transport.

If you have any questions about shipping hazardous materials with UPS, please call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center 1-800-554-9964.