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Documentation and Certification

49 CFR Subpart C

The purpose of documenting a hazardous materials shipment is to provide the carrier with vital handling and emergency response information to use as the package is transported. The DOT requires specific information to be placed on a document referred to by the DOT as a shipping paper. UPS requires the use of a unique multipart shipping paper to easily transport your package through the many exchange points of its network. An individual UPS Shipping Paper is required on each hazardous materials package.

The DOT requires the following information on the shipping paper:

  • Emergency telephone number in conjunction with the E.R. Registrant information (when required)
  • Proper shipping name §172.202(a)(1)
  • Class or division number §172.202(a)(2)
  • Identification number §172.202(a)(3)
  • Packing group number §172.202(a)(4)
  • Additional description(s) required §172.203
  • Other regulatory information such as "Limited Quantity" or "LTD    QTY," DOT exemption/special permit number, and EX numbers
  • Number and type of packages §172.202(a)(7)
  • Quantity of material §172.202(a)(5)
  • Certification and signature §172.204(a)

UPS also requires that you include your shipper number and a reference number (customer reference information; consignee's name, city and state or UPS Tracking Number). See UPS Shipping Papers for details on completing this document.

The shipper's certification statement is a legally binding declaration stating the package has been prepared in compliance with all aspects of the HMR. The UPS shipping paper includes the certification statement and must be signed by the shipper.

The UPS shipping paper also includes the statement, "This shipment is within the limitations prescribed for: Passenger Aircraft/Cargo Aircraft Only (delete non-applicable)." The "Cargo Aircraft Only" wording must be marked out to indicate that your package is prepared under the regulations for passenger aircraft unless the package contains a cargo aircraft only (CAO) quantity.  In this case, the "Passenger Aircraft" section should be marked out.

Separate from the shipping paper, the UPS Shipper's Certification for Hazardous Materials is a manifest for all the hazardous materials picked up from a single address by a UPS vehicle. This document allows the UPS driver to legally transport the hazardous materials packages to a UPS facility.

If you have any questions about shipping hazardous materials with UPS, please call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center at 1-800-554-9964.