Packing Materials

Learn about the types of packing materials to use when preparing your package for shipment.

  • Encapsulated-Air Plastic (Bubble) Sheeting

    Encapsulated-air plastic (bubble) sheeting is packing material made of air bubbles that are encased between two poly sheets as they are sealed together.
  • Packing Peanuts and Loose Fill Packaging

    Packing peanuts and loose fill packaging materials are used to fill empty spaces in packages that contain lightweight, non-fragile items.
  • Original Manufacturer's Packaging

    The original manufacturer's packaging is usually designed for shipments on pallets instead of single-piece shipments.
  • Double (Over) Boxing Method

    Double (over) boxing is an effective method of safeguarding fragile equipment like electronics from damage.
  • Internal Packaging

    Internal packaging provides shipment protection during the distribution process.
  • Coolants and Refrigerants

    Coolants and Refrigerants are used to keep temperature sensitive products cold or frozen while in transit.
  • Transit Cases

    Transit Cases are reusable containers made in various sizes and constructed of heavy duty material. Transit cases meet the rigorous demands of modern transport.
  • Insulated Shipping Containers and Boxes

    When shipping sensitive products, insulated shipping containers and boxes help ensure product integrity.