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Uncollected C.O.D. Process

Uncollected C.O.D.

If you requested C.O.D. service but did not receive the C.O.D. payment, report it to UPS for further investigation.

The steps in a C.O.D. claim are as follows:

1. Uncollected C.O.D. Reported

An uncollected C.O.D. can be reported for delivered packages when a C.O.D. payment was not collected. Only the shipper of record can report an uncollected C.O.D.

Once reported, you can check the status of your missing C.O.D. payment at any time. Contact UPS if you need more help.

Note: Missing C.O.D. payments can be reported online only for packages that have an origination and destination within the U.S. To report a missing C.O.D. payment for international packages, contact UPS.

Report an Uncollected C.O.D.

Check Claim Status

Contact UPS

Claims/Damages/Losses FAQ

2. C.O.D. Collection in Progress

A C.O.D. search must be performed by UPS. This will include sending a UPS driver to investigate the missing C.O.D. The C.O.D. follow-up process usually takes about seven business days.

3. Claim Authorized

A Damage/Loss Notification claim letter will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the shipper of record. UPS will not send the claim letter to a receiver.

4. UPS Reviews Documents

It is essential that the shipper supplies UPS with documentation as requested in the claim letter. This documentation may include proof of shipment and any other information required by UPS. A UPS mailing address and fax number will be provided in the Damage/Loss Notification claim letter. In addition, instructions on how to submit documentation online will be provided.

5. Claim Paid

Once a claim has been approved, the payment will be processed. Typically, claim checks are mailed to the shipper's billing address on file three to five business days after UPS receives the required documentation.

If claim is not approved for payment, UPS will advise the shipper.