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Damaged Package Claims Process

Damaged Packages

Damage to a package can be reported by a shipper, recipient, or by UPS. After a damage inspection is performed by UPS, the shipper of record is contacted with the results. Depending on the results, the shipper can file a claim for the repair or replacement cost of the package contents up to the declared value.

The steps in a damaged package claim are as follows:

1. Damage Reported

A shipper or recipient can report a package that has been damaged during shipment. The shipper can also submit documentation in support of the claim online, or by fax or mail, at the time damage is reported.  In the event that a damaged package is discovered while still in the UPS system, we will notify the shipper of record and provide details. Once damage has been reported, you can check the status of the claim online, anytime.

Note: Damage can be reported online only for packages that have an origination and destination within the United States. To report damage of international packages, contact UPS.

Report a Damaged Package

Check Claim Status

Contact UPS

Claims/Damages/Losses FAQ

2. UPS Inspects Package if Required

UPS will inspect the damaged package to determine the cause of damage and verify proper packing materials were used (in accordance with the shipping terms). UPS may inspect the package at the shipper's or receiver's site, or may collect the package for inspection at a UPS facility.

Once the UPS investigation is complete, a notification letter will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the shipper. UPS will not send inspection information to the receiver of the package.

3. Claim Authorized

  • If the claim is issued, a Damage/Loss Notification claim letter will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the shipper of record; UPS will not send the claim letter to a receiver
  • If the claim is not approved, UPS will notify the shipper; the shipper can contact UPS with any questions or concerns

4. UPS Reviews Documents

It is essential that the shipper supplies UPS with documentation that supports the actual repair or replacement cost of the merchandise, up to the declared value, as requested in the Damage/Loss Notification claim letter. This documentation can be provided either when the damage is first reported, or after the Damage/Loss notification is issued. Supporting documentation can include original invoices, purchase orders, or other information required by UPS.

UPS will:

  • Determine the value declared, if any, for the contents of the package
  • Verify that the product falls within the guidelines of the UPS terms or contract with the shipper

A UPS mailing address and fax number will be provided in the Damage/Loss Notification claim letter. In addition, instructions on how to submit supporting documentation online will be provided.

5. Claim Paid

Once the claim has been approved and UPS receives the supporting documentation identified in the claim letter, payment will be processed. The claim payment may differ from the original amount requested depending on the documentation provided. Explanation of the difference in payment amount, if any, will be printed on the check stub. Typically, claim checks are mailed to the shipper's billing address on file three to five business days after UPS receives the required documentation.

In the event the claim is not approved for payment, UPS will contact the shipper.