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For COVID-19 testing and other critical diagnostics tests, an optimized logistics plan is key to delivering viable specimens and timely results and care to patients looking for answers. We can help you make this complex many-to-one reverse-logistics model work seamlessly.

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Faster labs. Happier patients.

Lab Kit Building Services

Make testing easier for clinicians and patients. We help organize and package your specimen collection components, inserts, and compliant return labels.

Accelerated Turnaround Time (TAT)

With late pick-ups to early morning delivery options, we help you provide faster results and a better patient experience.

Specimen Stability

We offer highly visible thermal packaging with near real-time digital monitoring for a range of time and temperature requirements.

Specimen Visibility Platform

We’ve built a unique platform that can keep you connected to your clinics by giving you proactive alerts and visibility to diagnostic samples and the clinics they’re linked to.

Advanced Contingency Planning

Our team can monitor pickup execution and lab shipment progress and will intervene with a configurable recovery protocol if any issues arise.

Clinical Onboarding Tools

Need help switching carriers? We will support your salesforce, supply chain team, and clinicians as you transition over.

Lab Partnerships

We have a collection of partnerships with labs offering proven solutions and capacity to meet any need.

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Lab Logistics: It’s not a sample. It’s a somebody.

Explore growing trends in lab logistics.

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    How to optimize your lab diagnostics supply chain

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    How the right packaging can protect and speed shipments

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    How lab kits can simplify your specimen shipping

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    How order-to-cash outsourcing can help fuel growth

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