COVID-19 Healthcare Logistics

If your mission is to make a difference in the world during the COVID-19 era, we’re here to support you with a broad set of capabilities designed to facilitate clinical trials, diagnostic testing, humanitarian aid, and the global distribution of vaccines, therapies, and PPE.

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Supporting the fight against COVID-19 every way we can

UPS Healthcare™ Cold Chain

From early clinical trials to commercial distribution, our end-to-end cold chain solutions can help you get lifesaving vaccines to the world safely and more efficiently.

  • End-to-end cold chain solutions from clinical trials through commercial launch and distribution
  • Custom cold chain packaging for 2°C to 8°C  or -20°C to -80°C requirements
  • Kitting for ancillary supplies
  • Freezer farm networks around the world with real-time cloud-based monitoring
  • Cold chain transportation and transportation management expertise
  • Priority shipping within our network with UPS® Premier
  • Dry ice production and shipping replenishment stations
  • Real time temperature and location visibility and alerts
  • Pre-configured recovery plans with UPS Premier
  • Early morning and 7-days-a-week delivery options
  • World-class Quality Assurance program

Visit our Cold Chain Solutions page to learn more.

SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostics

COVID-19 testing is critical for helping the world get back to normal. We help diagnostic labs by improving lab result turnaround time through better visibility and special operating plans that get the samples to the lab early so patients can get quicker results.

  • Clinical pop-up site setup and coordination
  • Building, storage, and distribution of custom lab kits for SARS-CoV-2 PCR virus, antigen, and antibodies tests
  • Customized airport and delivery operating plans with a priority reverse logistics plan
  • Late pick-up and early morning delivery options
  • Full visibility platform that links lab specimens with clinics through clear dashboards and customized alerts.
  • Priority shipping in the UPS network with UPS Premier
  • Ability to manage the return of medical waste and needles

Learn more about our Lab Diagnostics Solutions

PPE Warehousing/Distribution

When healthcare facilities experience shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we develop a resourcing, warehousing, and distribution program to help meet their needs.

  • Managed FEMA’s PPE distribution supply chain
  • Healthcare compliant storage solutions with end-of-runway proximity for late night order receipt and for early morning delivery
  • PPE kit building services
  • Over 40MM units of commodities, test site inventory, and PPE are managed daily
  • Quick turnaround time with options for early morning or weekend deliveries
  • 9% of PPE shipments are delivered within 24 hours of order processing

UPS Covid-19 Pandemic Initiatives

From the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve supported government agencies at all levels – federal, state, and local, and we’ve collaborated with other crucial organizations working to bring solutions to the world.

  • Worked with FEMA to set up a PPE warehousing and distribution plan
  • Provided support and guidance to the early pandemic White House Coronavirus Task Force
  • Key advisor to Operation Warp Speed for vaccine roll out plans
  • Working to facilitate equitable worldwide vaccine deliveries with support from COVAX, vaccine alliance Gavi and CARE’s Fast + Fair initiative

Learn about our Humanitarian Logistics capabilities

Image of Captain Houston Mills and his co-pilot in the cockpit of a UPS plane that delivered the first COVID-19 vaccines in the US.

Delivering the first COVID-19 vaccines

UPS Airlines Captain Houston Mills reflects on the historic UPS Healthcare vaccine flight.

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Gravity Diagnostics Case Study

How we helped one lab accelerate COVID-19 diagnostic tests from 20 to 9,300 tests per day.

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A COVID-19 test in progress in the lab at Gravity Diagnostics.
A woman managing a cold chain dry ice pack out.

UPS Healthcare™ Cold Chain at work

See how our cold chain capabilities help get complex pharmaceuticals out to the world safely.

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