Cold Chain Freight

When a patient's outcome relies on a critical healthcare shipment, the strength of your cold chain is everything. We combine deep healthcare logistics expertise with a global air and ocean freight forwarding network to offer you end-to-end management of all of your cold chain shipping needs.

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End-to-end global freight forwarding services

Cold Chain Freight Forwarding

Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, or medical devices, we offer freight forwarding services to fit a range of temperature and transportation speed requirements.

Carrier Procurement

We work with leading air and ocean freight carriers and cold chain container vendors around the globe. We evaluate them against your time and temperature needs, negotiate competitive pricing, and manage multi-carrier relationships and MLAs from end to end.

Risk Mitigation

Our team of dedicated cold chain freight forwarding experts help protect shipments from temperature excursions. Services include route risk assessment, visibility enhancement, milestone monitoring, pre-configured recovery plans, and more.

Regulatory Support

With regulations constantly changing, you can rest easy knowing our team is on top of them. We have deep experience in compliance regulations, global SOPs, and cold chain infrastructure, as well as relationships with 80+ regulatory agencies around the globe.

Quality Assurance

We help protect your global cold chain freight shipments with an integrated global Quality Management System (QMS) designed to maintain the safety and efficacy of your highly regulated healthcare products while helping you improve performance over time.


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