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Biopharma innovators are shaping the future of healthcare, yet have some of the biggest logistics challenges in the industry. We’re lighting their path with end-to-end cold chain storage, packaging, and transportation management solutions that help get even the most fragile vaccines and biologics out to the world.

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Helping get COVID-19 vaccines and other
groundbreaking therapies out to the world

Order-to-Cash Solutions

Provide world-class customer service while streamlining your cash flow, managing costs, and setting your business up to scale. We can manage your entire supply chain from order to payment so you can focus on improving lives.

  • Full call center outsourcing
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Order processing and invoicing
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Customer service and dispute resolution
  • Return authorizations
  • Credits/debits processing
  • Reporting and metrics

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Regulatory Compliant Storage

Vaccines and biologic therapies face stringent local and global regulations requirements to ensure viability. We can help you create a global compliance program to help mitigate risk, drive cost efficiencies, and create an easier path to international expansion.

  • 11 MM+ sq. ft. of cGDP/cGMP compliant space
  • Flexible and scalable footprint for cold (2°C to 8°C), frozen (-20°C to -80°C), and cryo storage
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and DDA (formerly VAWD) certifications as relevant
  • UN1845/UN3373 in 100+ countries
  • 1,200+ global operating licenses under management
  • 80+ regulatory agency relationships
  • Validated warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Validated environmental monitoring and control system.

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Cold Chain Packaging

From small packages to large freight shipments, we have a range of temperature-controlled and monitored packaging systems designed to keep biologics at their required temperatures.

  • Temperature controlled packages and pallets
  • Options for cold ( 2°C - 8°C), frozen (20°C to - 80°C) , or deep frozen/cryo (down to -150°C)
  • Active and passive thermal pack-outs
  • Technology-driven tracking sensors
  • Global network of re-icing stations that produce their own dry ice

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Visibility and Monitoring

Get peace of mind from order to delivery. UPS® Premier solutions help protect biologics with next-generation sensor technologies to give you real-time shipment visibility and a priority path through the network.

  • Technology-driven end-to-end visibility solutions
  • Chemical and digital temperature loggers
  • GPS and RFID tracking (location within 2 meters)
  • 24/7 Command Centers monitoring with proactive alerts
  • Advanced sensor-based intervention and recovery
  • Early morning delivery with 99.98% on-time efficiency
  • Delivery verification with signatures saved for up to 7 years

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Kit Building

High-quality kitting makes life easier for your customers and their patients. It can also create greater business efficiencies and an easier path to meeting local and international compliance regulations. We can develop customized solution to meet your needs.

  • Complex kitting with sterilization services
  • End-to-end service: development to production to distribution
  • Custom design and branding
  • Regulation compliant assembly packaging, and labeling
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UPS Healthcare™ Cold Chain at work

How to manage specialty pharmaceuticals with 2° to 8°C or -20° to -80°C requirements.

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Nephron Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Getting desperately needed medications to patients quickly.

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UPS collects an order of vaccine needles and medical waste to be recycled.

So, what happens to those vaccine needles?

Learn how UPS Healthcare Stericycle have partnered to providing responsible medical waste product disposal services.

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