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COVID-19 Logistics

An integral part of Operation Warp Speed, COVAX, and other global vaccine initiatives, UPS Healthcare manages advanced packing, tracking, and cold and frozen storage to ensure secure, compliant distribution of critical yet fragile vaccines and therapies.

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Cold Chain at Work

Here's how we put our cold chain plan to work to distribute the first COVID-19 vaccine shipments across the U.S.

  • A UPS team member shoveling dry ice into a thermal package

    1. Cold Chain Packaging

    We developed a custom thermal vaccine packaging solution surrounded with insulation and 50 lbs. of dry ice, which we produce on demand.

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  • A clinician in PPE using holding a syringe and vaccine bottle that were included in a vaccine kit.

    2. Vaccine Kit Building

    We helped vaccine distributors create a kitting solution to make it easier for hospitals and clinicians awaiting vaccine supplies.

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  • UPS pilots giving the thumbs up as temperature controlled COVID-19 vaccine shipments are loaded onto a plane for transport.

    3. Cold Transportation Network

    Vaccines are shipped via temperature-controlled transport. Dry-ice packaging is replenished at our re-icing stations as needed.

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  • Woman at UPS Command Center monitoring shipments

    4. Monitoring and Visibility

    With UPS® Premier, our Command Center monitors the real-time temperature and location of each box within 2 meters throughout the journey.

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  • UPS driver delivering an early morning package of vaccines to a hospital

    5. Early Morning Delivery

    We deliver the vaccines to medical facilities the next morning. Safe, viable arrival at -80°C means they are now ready to be used to help save lives.

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Optimize your supply chain with innovative and cost-effective solutions that address regulatory requirements and other unique pharmaceutical logistics needs from end to end.

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Protect fragile vaccines and other critical biologics with cold and frozen storage paired with a breadth of specialty solutions designed to meet your quality, time, and temperature needs.

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Lab Diagnostics

Whether it's building and distributing test kits or collecting samples in a clinic or home, we give you a competitive edge by providing transparency across the diagnostics supply chain.

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Gloved hands holding a joint replacement medical device kit

Medical Devices

Outsourcing your loaner operations and inventory management can help you get medical devices to operating theaters and patients faster, while creating efficiencies that are good for your bottom line.

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Two UPS team members examining logistics paperwork.

Healthcare Logistics

Managing critical healthcare goods, from receiving an order to billing your customer, requires extraordinary attention to detail. Our worldwide healthcare logistics network helps keep everything on track while opening the door to global expansion.

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Home Health

Many areas of medical care are moving out of the doctor’s office and into the home. Solutions that bring more flexibility and convenience to home-based therapies can deliver a better patient experience and help your business thrive.

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Global Network

With robust global cold chain capabilities and 11MM+ sq. ft. of cGDP/cGMP compliant warehouse space, we are uniquely positioned to meet the critical needs of healthcare and life sciences organizations worldwide.

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