Automatic Pickup

UPS Smart Pickup® combines the convenience of a recurring pickup with the flexibility of an on-demand pickup. We’ll come to your business only when you have a package to ship. UPS Smart Pickup is our most environmentally friendly scheduled pickup option.

Pro Tip

For customers with multiple shipping account numbers, make sure to use a UPS Smart Pickup account number in order to initiate your pickup. If you use an account number not associated with UPS Smart Pickup, no pickup will be automatically initiated.

Here Are the Details

For customers who process shipments using shipping, UPS WorldShip® or UPS CampusShip®

  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays.
  • Available for all UPS services except Worldwide Express Freight.
  • The deadline for a UPS Smart Pickup is generally one hour before your scheduled pickup time - as long as you process your first shipment before the deadline, all of your packages will be picked up that same business day.

Pro Tip

If your first shipment of the day is processed after your deadline, you can schedule a UPS Smart Pickup for the following business day. For an air or international shipment, you can request one UPS On-Call Pickup® per day at no extra charge* by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS.

* Pickup must occur at your usual pickup location.


Flat charge per week: $16.00

Need a Different Pickup Option?

Pickup Every Weekday

A reoccurring scheduled pickup each business day at a designated pickup time.

Go to Daily Pickup

Flexible Daily Pickup

A more economical daily pickup option - every weekday, when a driver is in your area.

Go to Daily On-Route Pickup

Choose Your Pickup Day

Pickup on specific days, based on your needs. You can pre-select 1–4 business days each week.

Go to Day-Specific Pickup

Saturday Pickup

If you add Saturday pickups, you can also request Saturday delivery of your inbound shipments.

Go to Weekend Services

One-Time Pickup

Only ship occasionally? You can schedule a same-day or future pickup with a single charge, no matter the number of packages.

Go to UPS On-Call Pickup