Daily On-Route Pickup

A driver will swing by to pick up your shipments once each business day, while making deliveries in your area. This option is ideal for customers who want the peace of mind of a regular pickup, while saving money and reducing the impact to the environment.

Here Are the Details

  • Available for all UPS shipping services and destinations.
  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays.
  • Depending on how much you ship, we’ll charge you a fixed fee. See below.


Flat charge per week: $10.00

Need a Different Pickup Option?

Pickup Every Weekday

A recurring scheduled pickup each business day at a designated pickup time.

Go to Daily Pickup

Automatic Pickup

A scheduled pickup, only as needed. When you create your first shipment of the day, a pickup is automatically scheduled.

Go to UPS Smart Pickup®

Choose Your Pickup Day

Pickup on specific days, based on your needs. You can pre-select 1-4 business days to receive a pickup each week.

Go to Day-Specific Pickup

Saturday Pickup

Saturday pickups. If you add Saturday pickups, you can also request Saturday delivery of your inbound shipments.

Go to Weekend Services

One-Time Pickup

Only ship occasionally? You can schedule a same-day or future pickup with a single charge, no matter the number of packages.

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