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UPS® Digital Connections Partners

Below is a full list of our Digital Connections partner vendors. To start saving on industry-leading solutions, click the button below to set up a chat with a UPS logistics expert.

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E-Commerce Build and Integration

Delighted logo


Delighted is a turnkey customer experience platform that helps you measure, monitor, and improve customer experiences.

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Miva logo


All inclusive e-commerce solutions for online merchants.

Call: 1-800-608-MIVA;
Extension 6482

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Solid Commerce logo

Solid Commerce

Cloud-based, multi-channel solution. Helps increase sales and streamline operations on multiple marketplaces by utilizing key features such as listing, inventory, order and price management.

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Ventura logo


E-commerce design, build and support for small to medium sized businesses (D2C and B2B).

Call: 866-515-2057

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Zentail logo


Zentail is the only multichannel platform that automatically maps and optimizes product data to create winning listings across marketplaces.

Call: 888-366-8458

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Demand Generation

Listrak logo


The Listrak platform boasts a comprehensive set of retail-specific solutions that enhance email performance across multiple channels.

Call: 717-627-8293

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NetElixir logo


NetElixir enables online retailers to acquire new online buyers and drive predictable growth through search marketing solutions.

Call: 609-356-5112; Extension 126

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Rakuten logo


Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in integrated digital marketing and offers solutions that help merchants grow their e-commerce business.

Call: 727-729-2850

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Taradel logo

Taradel (Powered By Equifax)

Taradel's self-service marketing platform makes it easy to identify and reach B2C and B2B prospects with trackable direct mail and digital ads - all in just minutes.

Call: 1-888-910-9068

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Yotpo logo


Yotpo is the leading eCommerce marketing platform that helps businesses engage with their consumers by leveraging Reviews and User Generated Content, and more.

Call: 646-661-2178

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Zinrelo logo


Zinrelo is a modern-day, enterprise-grade loyalty rewards program, helping to maximize per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement.

Call: 650-701-7759

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Pacejet logo


Cloud-based, enterprise shipping solution that integrates with ERP systems.

Call: 1-877-722-3538;
Option 1

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Process Weaver logo

Process Weaver

Allows shipping information to be seamlessly passed to and from ERP systems.

Call: 510-779-4642 / 214-769-8006

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Avalara logo


Cross-border ecommerce solutions. Efficiently assign HS codes to your products to ship to 180+ countries.

Call: 877-780-4848

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Clover logo


UPS has partnered with Clover to provide a suite of payment processing and business management solutions that help you run your business better while processing transactions reliably and securely.

Call: 844-552-5446

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Zonos logo


Cloud-based cross border e-commerce solution.

Call: 435-239-3078

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Plugins/ Modules

PluginHive logo


PluginHive specializes in providing the most secure, stable, feature-rich and intuitive WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento shipping solutions.

Call: 1-831-267-6349

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ShipperHQ logo


ShipperHQ is a Shipping Rate Management Platform that lives in the cart and checkout. We use your business logic to fully optimize your shipping experience for conversions.

Call: 512-215-4900

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Zenkraft logo


Shipmate is a plug & play shipping solution for CRM users.

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Multi-Channel Order Management

ReadyCloud Suite logo


ReadyShipper X is a hybrid cloud shipping solution for fast e-commerce shipping.

Call: 1-877-818-7447

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Descartes ShipRush logo


Integrated shipping system that lets you streamline your shipping operations.

Call: 206-812-7874

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ShipStation logo


Web-based multi-channel shipping and order solution for online sellers.

Call: 512-256-6850

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ShipWorks logo


Shipping and order management for online merchants.

Call: 1-800-952-7784

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V-technologies logo


StarShip shipping software integrates tightly with a wide range of business software and e-commerce platforms.

Call: 1-800-462-4016

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Ware2Go Logo

Ware2Go, a UPS Company

A distributed warehouse network for 2-day delivery across all sales channels powered by Ware2Go and UPS Digital Connections.

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Shipping Integration

ConnectShip logo


Comprehensive suite of on-premise and online shipping solutions for middle market and enterprise companies.

Call: 1-866-461-4441

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HubBox logo


HubBox is a global Click & Collect software provider that enables your customers to select Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location as their delivery option at checkout.

Call: 404-445-3525

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NRG Software logo

NRG Software

Mac-based shipping software compatible with thermal printers and scales.

Call: 1-866-951-3124

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Descartes OzLink logo


Middleware and desktop tools that integrate UPS WorldShip with your internal systems.

Sales & Marketing: 800-419-8495
Extension 300014

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ReadyCloud Suite logo


ReadyReturns brings the power of automated online product returns to virtually any website.

Call: 1-877-818-7447

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Premier Packaging LLC logo

Premier Packaging LLC

UPS-branded boxes designed to make shipping Simple Rate even simpler.

Call: 1-866-593-3865

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Sealed Air logo

Sealed Air

On demand air pillows, bubblewrap, foam and mailers.

Call: 844-640-4122

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Hardware - Computers and Printers

Connections logo


Resellers of Lenovo® and other third party hardware.

Call: 1-800-600-9138

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Dell logo


Dell offers the world’s most secure, most manageable and most reliable business-class desktops and laptops with outstanding support.

Email requests to:
Call: (512) 513-9755

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HP logo


HP offers a wide range of our highly awarded HP desktops, laptops, printers, supplies and accessories.

Call: 1-800-888-6039

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Zebra logo


Printers only, for Scanners contact Stratix.

Call: 1-800-511-9910

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Hardware - Scales and Scanners

Honeywell logo


Barcode scanners and printers that are purpose-built for the demands of your business.

Call: 1-800-782-4263; Option 6

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Mettler Toledo logo

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo offers shipping scales and dimensional weight scanners.

Call: 1-800-786-0812

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Stratix logo


The world's fastest, most durable bar code scanners.

Call: 1-800-883-8300
Extension 2997

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UPS logo


Experience the power of UPS Trackpad® Cloud to help you to save time, trim costs and improve customer satisfaction by using real-time delivery information to monitor packages from the loading dock to the end recipient.

Call: 1-866-229-4310

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