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UPS® Digital Connections

If you’ve already signed an agreement and received your UPS authorization code, please choose from a list of vendors and solutions below. If you have questions about how UPS Digital Connections works, set up a free consultation now with one of our experts.

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No More Paper Statements

The new, quarterly UPS Digital Connections Performance Statement allows you to easily keep track of your awarded funding, shipping goals, and program updates.

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Accelerate Your Digital Growth With Cutting Edge Technology

We’ll connect you with a wide range of tech partners with discounted pricing on digital solutions.

Available solutions include:

  • E-commerce platforms and marketplace services
  • Demand generation (e-marketing) tools
  • Accounting and payment services
  • Warehouse and fulfillment management software
  • Shipping integration and online return services

Find the Right Digital Partner

Click below to see a full list of approved vendors that can help you integrate technology solutions to take your business to the next level.

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Accelerate Your E-Commerce Growth

Boost your digital transformation strategy with industry-leading tools and technology.

Case Study: Apotheke

See how UPS helped Brooklyn, NY-based Apotheke take advantage of international opportunities.

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Shelter From the Storm

Read how UPS Digital Connections helped a small business stay afloat.

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