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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity – Reaching Our Potential Together

This is a business strategy that encourages our supply chain to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

We help ensure that qualified small businesses and diverse firms have the resources and access they need to successfully compete for our business.

By working with suppliers who reflect the markets we serve, we see a wealth of benefits: it helps build customer loyalty, contributes to economic development of communities, and provides the expertise and innovation we need to outperform the competition. That is why we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive supply chain.

Interested in Doing Business with UPS?

Registration in the supplier portal is not a guarantee of any contact, interest, or future business with UPS. Rather, registration in the database increases your visibility to our procurement team and makes it easier to find your services should an opportunity arise.

Connect With Us

Registering your company in the online supplier portal, makes it easier for us to find you when we have a need you may be able to fulfill. You can also connect with us through the diverse business development and certification agencies that we support.

We partner with organizations that help find, develop, and certify diverse businesses, and they can help to connect you with corporations at their conferences or via other in-person or virtual events.

Tools to Help Your Small Business Grow

Whether your small business ships packages to Poughkeepsie or pallets to Peking—or anything in between—UPS can help your business run more efficiently. Our small business shipping solutions feature more than reliable and flexible shipping options. Explore solutions below that can help you track and manage shipping expenses, improve cash flow and reduce other small business growing pains.

  • Solution Expert

    Talk to a Solutions ExpertOpen the link in a new window

    Starting a new business? Get ideas in a free virtual brainstorming session with our UPS small business solutions team. Schedule your session today.

  • View All of Your Shipments at a Glance

    Manage shipments like a pro with UPS My Choice® for business. With interactive dashboards, estimated delivery windows and notifications, you can keep track of everything coming inbound and going outbound.

  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment Made Easy

    UPS eFulfillment offers an outsourced fulfillment solution that connects to over 20 marketplaces and shopping carts, allowing you to seamlessly route your orders to strategically located UPS warehouses for fast, reliable fulfillment and

  • Finance Your Small BusinessOpen the link in a new window

    UPS Capital® and Kabbage® have teamed up to provide access to funding for businesses like yours

  • The UPS Store®

    Find comprehensive business support with professional printing, shipping, mailbox, and exclusive deals on the business services you need.

  • Integration Made Easy

    Whether you're seeking third-party software with UPS functionality, or a developer ready to add UPS capabilities to your software, you'll find answer here.

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