UPS Empowering People

Putting our people first.

Our sustainability commitment is powered by the more than 481,000 UPSers around the globe. They support our philanthropic culture by volunteering in local communities and contributing on a daily basis so we can be a more responsible company. They view challenges as hurdles to overcome, and they create solutions that are innovative and inspiring.

They give us their best. That’s why we develop programmes and partnerships to maintain an environment where all employees feel valued, respected and fully engaged. And it’s why we invest time, money, and resources in health and safety training every year. By ensuring that our internal culture is supported and connected, we can work to create a global culture that is the same.

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Who This Is For

Businesses that seek to collaborate with environmentally and socially responsible organisations, aligning with their own corporate values or to meet industry-specific requirements.

Supporting Our Most Important Asset

The most important stop for our employees is home, so we keep focused driving at the helm of our 200-plus safety programmes and trainings, which are typically taught by certified managers. And professional development is encouraged on all levels, from tuition assistance for part-time employees to unique leadership development programmes that challenge our top executives to take a closer look at the world around them. In turn, they bring key competencies like decision-making, problem solving and partnership to our working culture.

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