CampusShip Support - Shipping Ticket FAQ

What is a Shipping Ticket?

Shipping Tickets allow you to create incomplete shipments and save the information so it can be processed later by you or someone else, depending on the privileges assigned by your CampusShip administrator. Once you have entered some information, you can save it and print a Shipping Ticket for your package. An authorised person can then use the Shipping Ticket attached to the package to retrieve the saved shipment data, complete the information and print a shipping label to complete the shipment.

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How do I create a Shipping Ticket?

If you are assigned the privilege of creating Shipping Tickets by your CampusShip Administrator, enter shipping information on the Ship a Package page as you would normally. Once you have entered all the information you have for the shipment and you want to save the information and create a Shipping Ticket to allow the shipment to be completed later, select the Print and Save Shipping Ticket link.

Then print the Shipping Ticket and attach it to the package so it can be processed later and the shipment can be completed. You can also create a Shipping Ticket from the Additional Shipping Options page and the Select Export Forms page (where appropriate).

Note: The Shipping Ticket link will only be available to users to whom the administrator has assigned the Shipping Ticket privilege.

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How do I process a Shipping Ticket?

To process a Shipping Ticket, select Process Shipping Ticket from the area on the left. Then either scan the barcode on the Shipping Ticket or type the Shipping Ticket ID and select Submit. You will then see the incomplete shipping information associated with this Shipping Ticket. Provide missing shipping information to process the Shipping Ticket.

Depending on the privileges assigned to you by your administrator, you will be able to complete different sets of information:

  • Full Edit Privilege: If you have this authority, you can edit all shipment information.
  • Weight-Only Privilege: If you have this authority, you can only enter the weights of the packages in the shipment.

Regardless of your privileges, you can choose either to update the Shipping Ticket by selecting the Update link or to complete the shipment and print shipping labels by selecting Ship Now. Choosing to update the ticket saves the new information, but does not print the shipping label. Selecting Ship Now completes the shipment, allowing you to print the shipping labels. This option also removes the Shipping Ticket from the Shipping Ticket History list.

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How do I check the status of a Shipping Ticket?

To see a list of the Shipping Tickets you have created, select View Shipping Tickets from the area on the left. Note: you will only be able to view a list of Shipping Tickets if your CampusShip Administrator has assigned you the privilege of creating Shipping Tickets. The Shipping Ticket History page will display all the Shipping Tickets you have created and that have yet to be processed. Once a Shipping Ticket has been processed and a shipment has been created, that Shipping Ticket will no longer appear as part of the Shipping Ticket History. Shipping Tickets will also be removed from this list after 30 days.

You can view and/or edit the shipping information for each Shipping Ticket (select Delete/Edit) or delete one or more Shipping Tickets entirely (select Delete). You can also choose Repeat Shipment, which will create a new shipment with the same information. If you need to reprint the actual Shipping Ticket associated with particular shipment (if the original has been lost or damaged), choose the appropriate Tickets from the list and select Reprint Tickets.

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Can I add export documents to my Shipping Ticket?

Yes, you can add export documents to you Shipping Ticket if they are required. Simply create the appropriate documents from the Ship a Package process and select Print and Save Shipping Ticket. However, if the export documents need to be updated when the Shipping Ticket is processed, only a user with Full Edit privileges will be able to update that information.

Export Documentation is required when shipping from the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

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