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Claims Support

Start a Claim

You can start a claim for packages that have been lost or damaged:

  • Loss: You can file a claim on a package if it has not been delivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time. Before filing a claim, be sure you’ve checked all exterior doors and other locations where the package could be placed, including the porch, back patio, garage, and any area out of potential weather hazards. You should also check with anyone who might have retrieved the package. If you’re still unable to locate the package, the sender or the intended receiver can initiate a claim.
  • Damaged: The shipper or receiver can initiate a claim on a damaged package, although UPS encourages the shipper to report package problems.

Note: For a complete description of all requirements for the claim process, refer to the Terms and Conditions of Service/Carriage in effect at the time of shipping.

For eligible packages, you can request a refund for packages not delivered on time by logging into the UPS Billing Center.

Access UPS Billing Center

Start a Claim

Manage Claims

  • Edit Claims

    Make changes to your claim

    Edit your claim, upload additional information and receive claim updates

  • Submit a new claim

    Start a new claim using our secure application.

  • View claims history

    Review up to 270 days of claims history.

  • Export data

    Create reports or extract data for convenience.

  • Set preferences

    Change how you’re contacted about claims at any time.

  • Customize your layout

    Organize your dashboard to meet your needs.

View Claims Dashboard


If your claim has been issued, a request for payment can then be made by the shipper of record, unless the shipper of record has provided approval or release and requested that we pay another party. A Request for Payment Form will be sent via the preferred method set in your profile (fax, mail, or email).

The next step is to provide us with supporting documentation that shows the purchase price, actual cost, repair cost, or replacement cost of the merchandise in question. The Request for Claim Payment Form should be uploaded with this supporting document/invoice online through the claims portal. If you’re unable to upload the information, you can submit the information by fax or regular mail. When submitting the claims payment documents, please ensure the associated claim number appears on all supporting document pages.

Payment for claims can be sent via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by cheque. To receive payment by EFT, you will need to provide the following bank account information:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Sort Code

If bank account information is not provided, a paper cheque for payment will be sent. To help avoid delays in receiving payment, please make sure you provide the correct address to where funds should be sent.

A claim is closed once payment has been generated. Please allow up to 15 days to receive payment funds. Contact UPS to report a missing claim payment.

Contact UPS

Preventing Damage or Loss

Preventing claims

Our research has found that, in most cases, damaged or lost packages resulting in a claim are often associated with choosing boxes or containers that are too large or too small, providing poor cushioning or padding, using unprotected labelling or having unclear delivery instructions.

Items packaged in boxes that are too small risk becoming damaged because they don’t have sufficient weight support and can fall out. Items packaged in boxes or containers that are too large or don’t have proper cushioning risk becoming damaged because they can easily collide with other items within the packaging box or container.

To avoid these packaging issues, we encourage you to follow a few basic guidelines that can help you be proactive when it comes to preventing claims.

More Tips on Preventing Damage

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