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Faster Clearance and Delivery for Express Shipments to South Korea

UPS Korea has increased the threshold for inbound express shipments, from KRW 1,000,000 (US$ 892*) to KRW 4,000,000 (US$ 3,565*) per shipment, that can be delivered before the payment of duties and taxes is completed.

The threshold means that inbound express shipments with import duties and taxes below certain amount, now is KRW 4,000,000 (US$ 3,565*), can be cleared and delivered to consignees in South Korea even before payment of duties and taxes to customs is complete.

Korean importers and global exporters can now benefit from faster customs clearance and delivery, and an improved customer experience.

To learn more about the above, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service Representatives.

*Converted amounts in USD are approximate values and are subject to prevailing exchange rates